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The right SEO can attract the ideal customers to your website. At Dwane Digital, we specialise in search engine optimisation. Our Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham based SEO services includes everything from keyword research of your competitors to on-page optimisation.

We offer social media integration, page ranking, link building and Google My Business optimisation services. We can also help you with website performance analysis and report preparation.

Search Engine Optimisation Sutton Coldfield Birmingham

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the key factor into being noticed on the internet. You could have an amazing website and provide a great experience for your visitors and not be achieving the level of visitors you want.

The most reliable way to increase your traffic is through improving your SERPs, also known as a search engine rank.

Over 35% of users click onto the first result in Google compared to less than 2% in position 12. As you can see this would have a huge impact on visitors to your website.

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How do you improve your SEO?

Keyword Research
This is the most important factor within SEO. Until you research your audience and your keywords you will not be able to move onto the next step which is creating quality content.
Use of keywords

After performing your keyword research you need to now use these keywords within your content. There is no magic number to how many times you should use these keywords within your content so just use your common sense. Think about what you want your page to be found for and then compare this to the words you found within your keyword research. Then use these naturally within your content.

Social Media
Sharing on social media is now a potential ranking factor as search engines determine how to rank our social interaction. If content is shared by multiple people and shared across multiple sites this then creates more backlinks for your site, which will increase it’s search ranking position.
Site Architecture
This can cover a wide range of topics from structure, mobile functionality, site speed and many more. We make sure that your site is fully optimised to give your website the best opportunity to reach the top spot in the search rankings.
Improve Search Engine Optimisation Sutton Coldfield Birmingham

The simple answer to this is YES. SEO is the most important aspect of a website. You could have a website which looks amazing, but with no visitors there's no point in it.

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